Advanced Planning and Scheduling

From WorldCLASS::

We offer some exciting APS (Advanced Planning Scheduling) optimisation software tools to help corporations in a range of sectors achieve improved levels of performance, the benefits of which include:

  • optimised makespan (lean principles) using advanced planning scheduling execution software

  • improved due date adherence - an accurate Available To Promise date
    (results in higher on time delivery) - using finite capacity planning

  • a reduction in work in progress - one customer has improved stock-turn fourfold!

  • improved visibility of plans and schedules

  • shorter lead times offered to customers

  • increased throughput

  • Sectors:

    WorldCLASS specialise in three areas.

    The planning and scheduling of:

  • food and FMCG

  • process manufacturing, particularly aluminium (rolling mills and extrusion), steel and textiles

  • individuals, teams and plant and equipment for Grounds Maintenance for Borough Councils and Housing Associations


    WorldCLASS:: have numerous significant implementations in blue-chip corporations and SME's, where companies have achieved World CLASS::status through the application of one or both of our two software products; a finite capacity planner (the WorldCLASS::Capacity Planner) and an APS scheduler (the WorldCLASS::Scheduler), closely coupled to their business needs. The WorldCLASS::APS range of products can stand alone but are generally interfaced to existing MRP, ERP or to customerís bespoke systems.